We make media be understood

Unlock the power of human voice and machines that listen

We bring latest AI-based voice, music and audio technologies to creative companies and individuals.

We build libraries and tools for audio and music analysis, description and synthesis

For nearly 10 years, Metamedia Technologiese has provided solutions with industry-leading publishing, distribution, analytics giving clients access to the latest technological solution in media cognition.

Let's talk how machine learning and artificial intelligence can start workng for you and your company.

Speech & Music

Custom speech recognition solutions and speech synthesis voices to enhance communication, models analysing music to track and index.


Our Audio algorithms and machine learning models can be customized for specific project needs.

Research and Innovation

We collaborate with industrial and academic partners in research and innovation activities.


  • Speech-to-Text
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Language Identification
  • Speaker Recognition
  • Speaker Diarization
  • Speech Enhancement
  • Voice Quality Analysis
  • Voice Emotion Detection
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Voice Conversion


  • Genre Recognition
  • Tempo Extraction
  • Beat tracking
  • Pitch Extraction
  • Key detection
  • Mood detection
  • Music Segmentation
  • Loudness Metering
  • Audio Fingerprinting
  • Music Similarity Search


  • Noise reduction
  • Audio Effects
  • Forensic Audio
  • Sounds Classification
  • Acoustic Event Detection
  • Acoustic Place Detection
  • Industrial Machine Malfunctioning Inspection and Validation

About Us

Metamedia Technologies was founded in 2009 by an audio experts Paweł Cyrta.

Our offices are located in Warsaw, Poland, and we license technology worldwide.

Clients are telco and software companies, creative media companies in the music, videogames, apps, advertising and film industries.

With 10+ years of applied research experience our team has worked in several industrial and academic innovation projects at international level.

Contact Us

Please send us a message to get a quote for your projects or to explore options for collaboration.

email: pawel.cyrta@metamedia.pl

skype: cyrta_pawel

Book time with me: https://calendly.com/cyrta-pawel/15min